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Tax Appeals & Litigation

We provide clients with full-scope services and assistance relating to objections and administrative appeals against tax acts, drafting and submission of administrative appeals against customs decisions and the related documentation, preparation of judicial appeals against tax assessments and customs acts, representation in the national courts of all instances. We also have experience in representing clients in preliminary ruling procedures before the Court of Justice of the European Union on tax and customs matters gained in three cases before that Court.

As the practices of the Bulgarian tax administration include regular audits of taxpayers, the prudent and professional handling of tax disputes is an important part of the financial matters of the companies operating in Bulgaria. We have a team of experienced and skillful lawyers to provide appeal and litigation services to clients.

In the past years we were involved in some of the most important cases of tax litigation in Bulgaria with considerable impact on the development of the Bulgarian tax legislation, including three cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union relating to VAT, customs and withholding taxes. Our appeal and litigation practice includes cases in the area of VAT, corporate income taxation, customs duties, customs and tax penalties, real estate taxes and charges, other municipal levies, appealing of municipal ordinances relating to municipal taxes and charges, etc.