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Tax Reviews & Due Diligence

Acting on the basis of agreed-upon procedures we are providing clients with tax review and due diligence on tax matters of interest in all areas of taxation, such as VAT, corporate income tax, wage withholding tax, withholding taxes on payments to non-residents, tax compliance matters, etc. Our services are provided both in the context of potential acquisitions or joint-venture structures and as part of the internal control procedures of the respective group. We also provide tax review as part of clients’ compliance projects designated to increase the tax awareness and compliance of the respective company and to identify and handle areas of tax risks.

Our tax review and due diligence services are provided in swift and timely manner and based on scope and methodology which is clearly communicated with the clients at the time of the assignment of the services. While conducting tax reviews we apply proactive approach and indicate all identified areas of potential problems even if not specifically mentioned by the client.