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Business Transactions & Contracts

We act as outside legal counsel to a number of companies and have developed extensive expertise in supporting business deals and transactions in various industries and areas of law. 

Our services include, among others:

  • legal advice on structuring and execution of business transactions, financial facilities, cash-pooling and secured transactions
  • giving legal opinions on validity and enforceability of contracts and contractual arrangements
  • drafting commercial agreements and other business documentation
  • perfection of security instruments
  • support in negotiations with public authorities and business partners
  • assistance with filings and registrations in the course of implementing commercial transactions
  • preparation of general terms and conditions governing sales or purchasing (procurement) processes
  • review of legal documents to ensure compliance with Bulgarian law, customization for use in Bulgaria
  • assistance with out-of-court settlement of business disputes
  • ‘localization’ of global (generic) agreements
  • legal advice on e-contracting 

We have assisted clients with:

  • assets purchase and sale agreements
  • leasing contracts, rent and lease agreements
  • structuring distributorship networks (incl. selective, exclusive, etc.)
  • agency contracts, distribution and supply agreements, sale agreements, franchise agreements, manufacturing and processing agreements
  • construction contracts
  • loan and financial facility agreements
  • pledge agreements, mortgages, guarantees and other security instruments
  • software development agreements, license agreements, copyright transfer agreements, domain transfer agreements
  • service agreements
  • public procurement contracts
  • master (hub) agreements