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Competition and Consumer Protection

Our services in the area of Competition and Consumer Protection include, among others:

  • advice on promotional campaigns, advertising and marketing initiatives
  • structuring distribution and agency schemes/ arrangements
  • consultation on issues related to prohibited agreements, concerted practices, abuse of dominant position, restrictions on competition, non-compete obligations, abuse of superior bargaining position, unfair competition practices, predatory pricing, loyalty rebates, market foreclosure
  • advice on concentration of economic activities, support in clearance proceedings  
  • representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition and the courts on antitrust and competition law matters
  • preparation/ review of general terms for sale of goods/ provision of services to consumers
  • advice on issues relating to consumer law, product safety, product liability, type approval (CE marking) warranty liability, class actions, labeling, packaging and price quotation requirements
  • assistance in dawn raids by competition protection authorities